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Shield your assets with Public Liability Insurance. Fortify your business against accident-related claims and safeguard your reputation.
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What is it?

Public Liability Insurance is an essential safeguard for businesses interacting with the public, either at their own premises or at a client's site. This specialised coverage protects you against legal claims arising from injuries or damage to third party property caused by your business operations.

With Tank Insurance's tailored Public Liability policies, you can confidently conduct your business activities, knowing you're supported by a robust defence against potential liabilities.
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Here are some example risk scenarios. And why you need Public Liability to defend your business.

Slip and Fall Accidents.

A customer slips on a wet floor at your retail store and suffers a serious injury. The injured party then decides to sue your business for medical expenses and other damages related to the accident.
Property Damage.

During a job, one of your employees accidentally damages a client's expensive equipment at their site. The client demands compensation for the repair or replacement of the damaged equipment.
Product Liability.

A consumer has an adverse reaction to a product your business sells, resulting in health issues. The affected consumer initiates a lawsuit against your business, alleging that your product is faulty.

In all these situations, Public Liability Insurance would shoulder legal costs, damages, and potential compensation payouts, serving as a critical defence to preserve the financial health and standing of the impacted business.

Why is it important?

Public Liability Insurance is crucial for businesses engaging with the public or operating on third-party premises, as it reduces the financial risk associated with potential accidents or damage claims.

A bespoke policy from a trusted provider like Tank Insurance doesn't just offer a formidable legal safety net, but also fosters assurance, empowering businesses to operate without apprehension of potential legal disputes. This in turn contributes to business resilience and endurance.
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Here are some key reasons to consider protecting your business with Public Liability insurance

Public Liability Insurance shields against potential accident-related financial losses.

Public Liability Insurance is crafted to protect businesses from the financial repercussions of accidents that occur within their premises or due to their operations. In the absence of such coverage, businesses may find themselves financially strained or even facing insolvency due to accident-related claims.
Averts insolvency due to accident-related legal expenses
Takes care of potential accident-related settlement fees
Ensures financial stability during accident-related lawsuits

Public Liability Insurance fosters confidence in business operations.

With robust Public Liability coverage, businesses can operate in public spaces or on client premises without the constant worry of potential accident-related liabilities.
Bolsters confident and efficient operations
Enhances reputation and customer trust
Promotes business continuity and expansion

Public Liability Insurance helps uphold business reputation.

A successful public liability claim can damage a company's reputation. Public Liability Insurance not only offers financial coverage but also assists in managing incidents to minimise any potential harm to the business's reputation.
Assists in managing incidents and their public perception
Supports reputation restoration post-incident
Helps retain customer loyalty and business relationships

Public Liability Insurance fulfills client and regulatory requirements.

Many clients, especially large corporations or public bodies, may require businesses to have Public Liability Insurance. In some jurisdictions, this might also be a legal requirement.
Facilitates compliance with client contracts and legal regulations
Serves as a proof of business reliability and professionalism
Assures continuity of business services

Public Liability Insurance grants peace of mind.

In a world where accidents are a possibility, having Public Liability Insurance provides businesses the peace of mind to focus on growth and innovation.
Alleviates the stress of potential accident-related liabilities
Allows businesses to concentrate on operations and growth
Facilitates a stable and secure business environment

Upgrade Your Business Defence.

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