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Shield your fleet with Commercial Motor Insurance. Fortify your business against varied vehicular risks and maintain your momentum in the marketplace.
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What is it?

Commercial Motor Insurance serves as an essential safeguard for businesses that utilise vehicles in their daily operations, addressing a broad range of risks associated with road transport. This comprehensive insurance protects your company vehicles against different types of unforeseen events such as accidents, theft, and damage, to name a few.

When choosing Tank Insurance, we'll ensure your business is fortified against potential setbacks, helping you maintain momentum and focus on your core objectives.
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Here are some example risk scenarios. And why Commercial Motor insurance is the fortress your business needs.

Traffic Accidents.

One of your delivery trucks is involved in a serious road accident. The accident not only damages the truck significantly but also results in a significant delay in delivery, causing dissatisfaction among your clients. Commercial Motor Insurance can help cover the repair costs and potentially assist with business interruption losses.
Vehicle Theft.

A crucial company vehicle, equipped with expensive machinery, gets stolen from a job site. Replacing this vehicle is a costly affair that can severely affect your business's financial health. A comprehensive Commercial Motor Insurance policy can help mitigate these costs, ensuring your business continuity.
Damage Liability.

One of your company's drivers accidentally causes damage to third-party property while operating a company vehicle. The property owner decides to sue your company for the damages. Commercial Motor Insurance can help cover the costs of potential legal liabilities arising from such incidents, ensuring your business's financial stability.

In each of the above scenarios, Commercial Motor Insurance steps up, handling related costs and potential liabilities; fortifying your business's financial resilience and standing.

Why is it important?

Commercial Motor Insurance is crucial for businesses that rely on vehicles for their daily operations, as it shields them from the financial repercussions of unexpected incidents on the road.

A bespoke policy from a reputable insurance broker like Tank Insurance offers all-around protection, instilling a sense of confidence. This enables businesses to focus on their primary activities, liberated from the constant fear of vehicle risks. By doing so, it bolsters the business's capacity to withstand challenges and promotes long-term stability.
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Here are some key reasons to consider protecting your business with Business Pack insurance

Commercial Motor Insurance serves as a financial safety net.

Commercial Motor Insurance is crafted to protect businesses from the financial strain associated with road accidents, vehicle theft, or damage. Without this coverage, businesses could find themselves burdened with massive expenses that can severely disrupt their operations.
Shields from substantial repair or replacement costs
Covers legal fees in case of third-party claims
Maintains operational budget despite unforeseen expenses

Commercial Motor Insurance ensures smooth operations.

Commercial Motor Insurance aids in keeping your business running in the face of unexpected vehicular mishaps. This kind of coverage can support the swift resumption of services by taking care of expenses, thus preventing operational disruption.
Facilitates rapid vehicle repair or replacementv
Minimises service downtime due to accidents
Supports customer satisfaction during crisis periods

Commercial Motor Insurance handles third-party claims.

Commercial Motor Insurance provides businesses with necessary coverage when facing potential legal liabilities arising from accidents caused by company vehicles. This includes protection against third-party injury claims and property damage.
Takes care of legal defence costs
Handles settlement payments or court-ordered damages
Business reputation is safeguarded during legal disputes

Commercial Motor Insurance offers adaptable policies.

Commercial Motor Insurance from Tank Insurance can be tailored to meet the unique requirements of your business. Our policies can be customized to accommodate varying numbers of vehicles, different types of vehicles, and distinct coverage needs.
Allows for customisation based on business size & vehicle fleet
Provides flexible coverage options to suit different risk profiles
Supports changes in business growth or operational shifts

Commercial Motor Insurance grants businesses confidence.

With Commercial Motor Insurance, businesses can operate with the assurance that they are protected against potential road-related mishaps. This peace of mind allows businesses to focus on their core operations without constant worry about unforeseen vehicular incidents.
Promotes confidence in daily operations
Frees up attention to focus on business growth & customers
Encourages proactive risk management planning

Upgrade Your Business Defence.

Catered to your industry and risk profile. Our team is ready to help you fortify your business against potential risks.

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