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Where we service

We are dedicated to providing specialised business insurance solutions, crafted specifically for the unique needs of small to medium-sized enterprises throughout Dubbo and its surrounding suburbs. Our expertise extends across key local areas, including West Dubbo, East Dubbo, South Dubbo, Orana Heights, Delroy Park, Dubbo North, Keswick Estate, Eastridge Estate, Roselands, and the Tamworth Street Area.

We recognise the distinct challenges and risks that businesses encounter in these diverse areas and understand the need to obtain insurance products designed to offer comprehensive protection. Our goal is to ensure peace of mind and security for business owners in the heart of Dubbo and its vibrant communities.

Tank Insurance Brokers

Why choose Tank Insurance?

Providing business solutions to Dubbo businesses involves understanding the unique challenges and opportunities in this regional city. Dubbo, located in the Orana Region of New South Wales, is known for its agricultural, mining, and service industries. The city is also a major road and rail freight hub, which presents unique business opportunities. We understand the nuances are unique requirements to tailored specialised insurance solutions.

Risk Management

A focus on identifying and covering broad risks, ensuring businesses are prepared and protected against unforeseen challenges.

Specialist Insurers

Access to specialist insurers, expertly catering to specific industry needs with targeted, in-depth insurance solutions for optimal protection.


We are more than just providers; we are partners in your growth journey, adapting coverage to align with your business's evolution.

Dubbo Insurance Brokers

What's the process?

Understanding Your Business

Tell us about your Dubbo-based business, and we'll create a custom insurance strategy that's genuinely impactful and effective.

Assess your options

Discover the range of insurance options we provide, enabling your Dubbo business to evaluate and select the most suitable policy.

Personalise your protection

Adjust your insurance plan to perfectly match your Dubbo business's needs, ensuring thorough and value-adding coverage.

Secured and assured

With your chosen plan in place, rest assured your Dubbo business is comprehensively protected, freeing you to concentrate on your core operations.

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